Meet Ed

Creator of Good Gracious Cretaceous Series

Ed Ouano

Ed Ouano

Author and Illustrator

As a artist, Ed spent much of his childhood drawing strange monsters, army men and an odd assortment of mythical creatures.

After the birth of his children, Keeley and Quinn, his art shifted from creepy to kid friendly, replacing scary monsters with fuzzy animals and cute, lovable dinosaurs.

When he finally decided to create a picture book series, it didn’t take long to figure out what they’d be about. Having a lifelong love for dinosaurs, he and his kids knew it was the perfect fit!

When he’s not on his iPad creating his Cretaceous characters, he enjoys traveling, mixed martial arts, coffee, sushi and pecan pie. But not at the same time.

Agile Pig Press

The Big Splash

Even a little dinosaur can make a big splash. Quinn the T-Rex wants to do one thing: swim at Cretaceous Cove. But the journey to the Cove isn’t so easy.

Good Gracious Cretaceous! – Summer: Sun, Sweets & Squirt Guns (Volume 1)

What do dinosaurs, ice cream, cake, and squirt guns have in common? Everything! Millions of years ago, these wacky and wonderful creatures roamed the earth searching for much more than their next meal.

The Sauropod Who Soared
Coming Soon!

Keeley has always dreamed about flying with the Pterosaurs. But when other dinosaurs don’t share her enthusiasm, how will she react?

In this book, she learns that sometimes achieving your dreams takes hard work, determination and a little help from your friends.