Meet the Carnivores


Jackson ( Giganotosaurus )

While most of the larger meat eaters tend to have an aggressive nature, Jackson is an exception. His quiet and passive demeanor, along with being a good listener, allows him to help other dinosaurs find peaceful solutions to their conflicts and disagreements.

LIKES: Hanging out in the wetlands, water parks, and having a variety of friends from different species.
DISLIKES: Small enclosed spaces, spicy food, and dinosaurs that are late.


Quinn ( Tyrannosaurus Rex )

This adopted T-Rex has very curious nature and a bit of a naughty streak. He thoroughly enjoys playing tricks on his friends and making others laugh. As the only carnivore in a household of herbivores, life can be a challenge. But despite their differences, this kind hearted theropod manages to fit right in with his new family and the other sauropods of Cretaceous Township.

LIKES: Pizza, barbecues, Playing sports, day trips, and climbing trees.
DISLIKES: School, swimming unattended, rainy days, and harvesting crops.


Bob ( Spinosaurus )

As one of the older and more mature dinosaurs, Bob has always been a source of wisdom and advice amongst his peers. When many of the juveniles dinosaurs find themselves confused or in need of advice, he’s often the first dinosaur they track down, regardless of their species. With a love for seafood and the water, it’s no surprise that Bob spends the majority of his time at the sea or the lowland regions of the jungle interior.

LIKES: Photography, teaching others, entertaining house guests, and cooking.
DISLIKES: Cold weather, rude dinosaurs, and sudden meteor showers,


Ollie ( Carnotaurus )

As a shy theropod, he’s been trying hard to break out of his shell. But due to a facial birthmark he’s terribly self conscious about, he’s had difficulty doing so.

Other than a few close childhood friends, he tends to be a bit of a loner, often avoiding social situations, and spending his time in the shadows of the jungle canopy.

LIKES: The Rainy season, pancakes, and toy trucks.
DISLIKES: His birthmark, large social gatherings, and waking up early.